I took Nicole’s Finance your Destiny October in 2017. My goal was very ambitious or so I thought . I wanted to increase October Sales by 5k and November by 7k.

Applying Nicole’s techniques I changed how I created my FB posts. How I present myself in my videos. How I make up my blog post to go with the videos. I have more structure but so much more fun creating. I think the realization that I am an expert in my field and to own that. Also having the goals is freaking awesome. Before I would do a video or a post and have no idea if I was making a difference in sales or not. Now that I am keeping track and being accountable for it I can see the results, which are freaking amazing!!! Also bring in my co-workers in to the goal orientated flow has helped them as well. Its no longer “Man I have 150 orders to ship today” it is “WOW this is Awesome I have 150 orders to ship today, Donnett that Video totally worked.” I felt a huge shift in perception of who I want to be and what I am working toward.

So after explaining all that I bet you want to know what my sales did… drum roll… October Sales increased by $13,900.00 November $19,930.00. And it keeps going December $15,426.00 and even January increased by $23,563.00. That’s just 4 months with a total increase of sales 72,819.00. FREAKING AMAZING results!!

I would highly recommend working with Nicole! If you give it 100% and commit and are accountable, you will get 10,000% results!!