Law Of Attraction + Law Of Action = EXTREME SUCCESS

During this 2 day experience, you will activate your intuition to manifest massive amounts of wealth in your life while learning personalized strategies that your brain loves and understands!

This is for successful business owners ready to take bigger action for a bigger return.

We all have been trained on “what we are supposed to do” in business! You’ve seen success, but deep down you may still be feeling like…

  • You just can’t keep up
  • You don’t love the strategies you’ve tried to master
  • Your money is going straight back into your business or employees
  • Everyone else is so much further along!
  • Your family life and marriage is struggling
  • You straight-up just know you could be happier.


ALL of the multimillion-dollar clients I have worked with maybe don’t struggle with making money but they sure struggled with FEELING like they need more money, they can’t SEE where the end game is, and they don’t love the sacrifice and hustle of this game called BUSINESS!

When we dug deep down and ACTIVATED their intuition and took them out of the BOX that business owners can put themself in, we helped find the new age personalized strategies that work for their brain & gave them permission to admit that what felt wrong in their business was WRONG for them!

This sweet spot of being UNIQUE and DOING THINGS in alignment is where true happiness and success happens. I want to help you step into the things that will uplevel your wealth while stepping out of the box your ego has trapped itself in.

During this two-day event we will be mastering the mind while learning NEW AGE logical strategies that are personalized to your business!

* Buyer/Seller Psychology
* Social Media that converts
* Overcoming Objections before they arise
* Money Energy Breakthroughs
* How to Invest in Real Estate at ALL levels
* Money Attraction
* Sabotage
* Emotional Cycles
* Cord Work
* Vision Mapping
* Relationships + Money
and more!

All this for just $297 per ticket.

Or Register for FREE when you go VIP for $997, which includes the 5-week Finance Your Destiny course!

Finance Your Destiny

Change your destiny by getting in control of your finances through healing your relationship with money.

In this 5 week course you will get:

  • Weekly Training’s to help you heal your relationship with money so you can be in control of your finances again.
  • Weekly Q&A with opportunities to get your questions about money answered so you can get past the things that are blocking you from moving forward when it comes to creating wealth.
  • Daily Accountability to help you stay on track and focused on truly financing your destiny FOR REAL this time!
  • Facebook Support Group – The support you get in the Finance Your Destiny Group is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. We help cheer one another on in our successes, our struggles, and through our questions with money and our relationship with it.

Next Class Dates October 2022

About Nicole

Nicole is an NLP Sales Practitioner, Reiki master, addicted entrepreneur, mom of 2 boys, and a hobby farm owner with 2 horses, 1 goat, 9 chickens, 2 rabbits, 2 dogs, and 2 cats.

Nicole is known as the Money Energy Goddess! Her purpose is to help business owners eliminate their emotional cycles with money while creating personalized strategies to help them create massive amounts of money while having financial peace in their life and business.

She has mastered the brain and mind connection when it comes to the law of attraction plus the law of action. She has been able to build multiple six-figure businesses, work with well-known leaders around the country, speak internationally to business owners, as well as manage her amazing family and farm life with her husband and two little boys.

Nicole has many classes, events, and personal coaching packages that have been able to help a single mom manifest a 5 million dollar ranch in 5 weeks. She has helped many network marketers hit their first 6 figures, helped business owners create 50-90k extra in 30 days, and has helped multimillion-dollar companies get back time so they can enjoy their success and limit the stress. Nicole has mastered the ability to help those that have success but don’t feel successful in building their confidence and releasing the emotional and physical sabotage that comes with being a business owner and influencer.

Nicole believes there is no one-size-fits-all in business and understands the psychology of what it takes for business owners to activate their own intuition to find the strategies in their business that their brain understands while also educating the business owner on how their customers’ brain taps into buying quickly. Get ready to be inspired to get rid of all your old scripts, blueprints, funnels, and strategies EVERYONE else is using and tap into a more natural human way of marketing.


You don’t want to miss this amazing experience!


Nicole started her own events because she was tired of not finding events that business owners really needed. She found that many were super motivational, got people hooked, left them with all the what’s and the why’s, but then everyone sold into the HOW’s! She decided to create an event like no other.. Where you actually GET ER’ DONE!!

You have never totally “made it”. The market and strategy is always changing and if you don’t keep up with times, you will find yourself extinct in the future. I know many million dollar businesses that have nothing more but the old way of doing things (Cold calls, email lists, posters, etc.)

Some business owners have never even used social media, bots, new platforms and are banking on google and their website to bring them all their business still. There is a whole new world for business owners and it’s constantly changing! It’s also a great opportunity to network and meet fellow business owners as well!

You will get to learn a ton of money energy and money mindset techniques that can help you learn how to serve your family in a way you never thought of before. Who you surround yourself with… YOU WILL BECOME. And the people at this event are worth surrounding yourself with.

Absolutely not!! We are not just talking “what’s your vision”, “who’s your target”, “what’s your why”, “what does your brand look like”, etc… we go so much deeper and jump into STRATEGY AND MINDSET like you’ve never heard before.

Of course!! We reward those that want to help us!

Please email us at and we will get you discounted tickets.

You don’t want to miss this amazing experience!

Our goal is for you to leave motivated, and of course we will be talking about money energy and mindset!! But this event is not just fluff!

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