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Here's What My Clients Say:

April Emanuelson

April Emanuelson

Wow where do I start? I’ve been working with Nicole for over a year. When we first met I was a busy and overwhelmed mom, wife, and Entreprenuer. I would run from one meeting to the next and then from one kiddo demand to the next. I’d fall in bed exhausted at night, next to a frustrated husband I had no time for. Nicole not only has helped me learn how to work less and achieve more, but she has helped me open the floodgates to generating cash on demand through mindset.

I really do speak a different language now in my thoughts and out loud, and that in turn, has brought my self worth up to a priceless level. I know how to guard my time and pay into people who are worth my time, and navigate with grace around the folks that try to take from me. My family could not be happier because my kids have their mom back, my husband has his wife back, and with all the extra income I have generated we are achieving dreams we thought were far fetched and only for the very wealthy. If you have a rare chance to work with her, jump on it!!!



I took Nicole’s Finance your Destiny October in 2017. My goal was very ambitious or so I thought . I wanted to increase October Sales by 5k and November by 7k.

Applying Nicole’s techniques I changed how I created my FB posts. How I present myself in my videos. How I make up my blog post to go with the videos. I have more structure but so much more fun creating. I think the realization that I am an expert in my field and to own that. Also having the goals is freaking awesome. Before I would do a video or a post and have no idea if I was making a difference in sales or not. Now that I am keeping track and being accountable for it I can see the results, which are freaking amazing!!! Also bring in my co-workers in to the goal orientated flow has helped them as well. Its no longer “Man I have 150 orders to ship today” it is “WOW this is Awesome I have 150 orders to ship today, Donnett that Video totally worked.” I felt a huge shift in perception of who I want to be and what I am working toward.

So after explaining all that I bet you want to know what my sales did… drum roll… October Sales increased by $13,900.00 November $19,930.00. And it keeps going December $15,426.00 and even January increased by $23,563.00. That’s just 4 months with a total increase of sales 72,819.00. FREAKING AMAZING results!!

I would highly recommend working with Nicole! If you give it 100% and commit and are accountable, you will get 10,000% results!!



Nicole Henry is INCREDIBLE! I am so glad we decided to hire her! We brought Nicole on as our Sales coordinator for an event that we did and she just rocked it!! She brought our sales up $23,000 in just that ONE event!!! She is AMAZING at what she does! And she is our go to for all things social media, sales and overall business! Her ability to control her money energy is on-point!! She has brought our company Female Entrepreneur Empire so much value that we even invited her to become co-owner. I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone looking to increase and crush their business income!!



Nicole Henry was instrumental in the creation of my yoga e-course. She is amazing at providing the steps that need to be followed to get work done. I found this extremely helpful as it eliminated the problem of decision paralysis. I simply worked my way down the list of tasks and was amazed at how my productivity skyrocketed. I loved my meetings with Nicole each week as they helped with accountability and were full of good information. Nicole is very good at helping one create and foster a community. I found this guidance useful in building and connection with my own community.